Blah Blah Blah · Honey Bear

Flashback Friday

I’ve decided to completely embarrass myself and my loved ones on Fridays by posting random photos from my life. Right now my options are a little limited because I’ve barely thought about doing this and haven’t scanned or uploaded any really monstrously old photos yet, so I have to rely on pictures I have lying around the internet at my disposal already. Still, this one’s almost 5 years old, and it’s just weird enough to amuse me. It’s one of my very favorite candid shots from our wedding, and I have no idea who took it – someone with one of the disposable cameras my aunt provided, but that could have been any one of 150 people, so…

I like it because I’m smiling sort of bemusedly, and the composition is weird, with my groom following behind me and drinks clutched in both our hands. Not typically romantic, but not unpleasing either. Two weeks from today will be our 5 year anniversary, so I’m also maybe getting a little sappy and nostalgic for a day that we both really enjoyed. We had our favorite wedding ever, which is really how it should be. Happy Friday, people.


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