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Re-entering the Blogosphere

Which is a word I actually really hate.  Blogosphere.  It’s such a dumb, smarmy word.  But here we are.  I attempted one blog previous to this, my first foray into blogging (which can still be found over at, but I chose a really narrow focus and I got bored with it.  I got tired of writing book reviews when I really wanted to talk about some other aspect of my life that day.  I got tired of trying to find something relevant to say to readers OTHER than book reviews, because there are umpteen million book review sites and blogs out there.  And so while it was a handy learning tool, I think I have graduated.  The blogs I most enjoy reading – and I suspect I will most enjoy writing – contain a little bit of everything, sort of like a public diary.  So I will attempt to emulate those blogs.  I’m also going to attempt to write every day, or at least every weekday, because I understand that is the best way to hone your craft and get in the habit and all that jazz.  We’ll see how much I actually have to say, but I have the excitement that comes along with starting a new blog right now, so I’d say you can expect a new post every day for at least this week 🙂

You may be wondering about the title of the new blog, Wishing Heart.  If you’re mildly curious, I’ll just say it’s from the lyrics of a Lisa Loeb song I like and leave it at that.  If you’re incredibly curious, visit the About page (link at top right) and you’ll find a detailed explanation.  Adventures in blogging, take 2, begins…now.


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